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SEO World Dancing To The Tunes Of Ever New Google Updates

Google updates for SEO


Basically a Hummingbird is entirely new algorithm. It is brand new way of consuming technologies. Hummingbird also consists of some features of old algorithms. This algorithm is named for the speed and accurateness of a little bird.

This post by ChamberofCommerce at is highlighting everything you need to know about Google SEO updates:

Google SEO Updates: What You NEED to Know

Posted on March 10, 2014 by ChamberofCommerce

It seems like every time we go online, we see a bunch of new information about yet another Google SEO update that has changed the search engine optimization (SEO) landscape for good. Whether you’re a small business owner or an SEO guru, it can be taxing to say the least to keep up with all the nuances and shifting industry techniques. And that’s if you have the time to do the research.

What about those of us who are too busy to keep up with all the tweaks and overhauls? How do we find time to fit in the discovery and analysis of all this new SEO info, in order to keep our web presence up-to-date and operating with top efficiency?

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Reasons of creating Hummingbird

Google gives three reasons for the creation of Hummingbird
 The ball is already progressing.
 Google promised answers by developing its very first search engine. The problem is that instead of typing in keywords, people are asking questions.
 There is an increase in the usage of mobile devices in order to do search.

Also take a look at this article by Shivendra Tiwari at about SEO updates of Google:

Latest Google SEO Updates & Algorithm Changes in 2017

Shivendra Tiwari – Feb 21st, 2017

The digital world is now more hyped-up, dynamic and influential than ever before. It is more focused and competitive as well. With the end goal for you to achieve high search engine rankings and to maintain them, you have to take after the latest SEO updates. This is the initial move towards staying aware of the latest SEO trends and remaining focused.

The SEO updates are directly proportional to the search algorithm updates that search engines receive. Since Google is the pioneer in the search marketing, new changes in Google’s search algorithms are vital to enhance optimization of your website. Website admins need to have phenomenal understanding of all the latest search algorithm updates and related procedures, as only this can let them know latest SEO updates essential to optimize websites, ensure better DA and high rankings in SERPs.

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Google’s pop up algorithms

In previous year, Google declared that that they will introduce update on January 2017. The updates could bang URLs occupying intrusive pop ups. But later, it was being observed that the impact was not pervasive. So in short pop up algorithms is not a big deal to worry about for now but of course Google can improve it.

Take a look at this video by rustybrick about Google updates:

Penguin 4.0

Google has announced that they will release the new core algorithm Penguin 4.0 officially in March 2017. Google describe it as the techniques which are not useful for the users but the whole idea is to look for shortcuts and loopholes as well that will help pages to rank higher than they deserve. is always one step ahead of Google SEO updates.